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Life Will Never Completely Happen According to Plan

I just wanted to take a few minutes (or more) to sit down and just share some reflection that I have had over the past several months. As I am getting settled into my new place, I cannot help but feel gratitude for everything that I have. Even as I am essentially starting over and my place still is absent of a couch, chairs, and a real bed. I am happy. I can honestly say that I am happy again.

It has nothing to do with being single, having my own place, or anything like that, so let me be clear with this. I am happy because I have focused my time and energy lately on improving myself. My mindset, my goals, and learning how to love and respect myself again. THIS is why I am happy. I had spent so long trying to please everyone else, that I neglected my own needs and happiness. For a long time, I didn’t even realize how unhappy I really was and just lost myself and who I was.

I am ok with not having everything I used to have, even though for a long time it was upsetting because I disliked the idea of starting over. As I reflect on it, I am beginning to embrace this change and see the beauty and positive outcome that can come from all of it. I am reinventing who I am on the inside AND the outside, and this has been crucial in my success. I am actually excited about the process.

I have spent the better part of the past 7 years helping people to lose weight and get in shape, but I think the biggest thing that I have really missed in all of that training, was the importance of learning how to respect yourself and get your mindset and your thinking right. I didn’t understand how difficult our mental state has on our choices and how it influences us. It wasn’t until I realized how much my mindset had changed that I knew I had to regain control of it, and it allowed me to open my eyes a bit on the need for self respect and love.When going to the gym and working AT a gym was my lifestyle, it was easy. It was easy to say “get up and do it” or “you will feel better if you just do it” and every other inspirational message I could muster to try and inspire my clients to be consistent with their goals. Sure, I helped quite a few people change their lives because of it, but I cannot help but wonder how many I let slip through the cracks because I failed to see the importance of learning how to get into the right mindset, and so they gave up on their goals, and just accepted that they would be unhappy with who they are, and I just accepted that they were not ready to make a change for themselves or that they didn’t want it bad enough.

Learning to accept responsibility for not only your successes, but your failures has been invaluable in my transformation. My life is a byproduct of every decision I have made, and the people i have impacted along the way. I have helped many people succeed, and I also contributed to the failure of others as well, and it bothers me. You might be thinking to yourself “but you cannot make people do what they don’t want to”, and this is true. I am not saying I am alone in that failure. They failed themselves as much as I failed them. My failure is not in helping them realize how important they are to themselves, and how much they deserve their own respect and self love.

This is, in large part, the reason for many of my recent changes in my focus and what I want to accomplish. This is why my site and my brand has changed to focus on helping men. It is not that I am incapable of helping women, I just know how and what to do to help men become better in everything that they do. This is not to take away the importance of a great woman either. I think there is absolutely a place in my community for women, I just need to figure it out, and I am open and willing to listen to all you ladies out there for insight, advice, and guidance on ensuring that everything I do for women, will impact and be just as powerful for you, as it will be for men. This is extremely important to me that everything I do be positive and beneficial, but also provide great impact in the lives of those that follow me.

I have taken a lot of time away to get into this mindset, and I am grateful for everything I have experienced in my life, including the negative and the bumps in the road. Life, as many of you know and understand, doesn’t conform to your plans and goals exactly the way you envision it to go. Many times, life just changes, and you learn to accept these changes, learn from them, and move forward in the best possible way.

So today, I am writing you out of gratitude and happiness. It has been awhile, but I am stronger now, more than I have been in a very long time…both mentally and physically, and I just wanted you to know that I am here, if you need me, perhaps just to talk, share your ideas, successes, failures, or just life. I am always here to listen. Just remember, you deserve your respect. Take care of yourself, your mind, and your body. It is the one you were given, love it, take care of it, and respect it. Do what you love, live passionately, let go of your past mistakes, embrace change, and just live. Live your life with purpose. That is all I have to share today!

With love and respect,

Christopher Michael Young – A Gentleman’s Quest 

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