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I am Christopher Young and I am happy you are here. My goal  is to help empower men to evolve their mindset and life through the practices of self mastery and coaching.  Building character, intelligence, strength of mind and body, as well as helping men maintain and build their masculinity and confidence through style are all areas that this site will focus on.

Who am I to teach you the ways of becoming a better man? I am not an expert. I am just a man on my own personal journey of self mastery that has led me to this point in my life, and I know that if I can walk away benefiting from what I learn, there are countless men out there, just like myself, that can benefit as well, and that is what I have to offer to you.

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The Brotherhood blogs are for men that want to feel empowered to become better men in every aspect of their life, whether it be relationships, leadership, business, or socially. Every week I share a new article or blog on a variety of topics that range from style to transformation and mindset. Check out the most recent blogs here

The Brotherhood Podcast

(Coming Soon)

The Brotherhood podcast is in the works for even more valuable information for men. The podcast will interview great and successful men from all over the world in the aim to provide value, insight, empowerment, and guidance in helping men become better men in all aspects of their lives.


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